Yankee Clipper

Yankee Clipper Water Weed Harvester

Does your Lake have an Aquatic Weed Problem?

. The positive economical answer to control excessive water weed growth
is the cutting and removal of weeds with the

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"Yankee Clipper Water Weed Harvester".

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A lake is really an underwater farm, producing tons of vegatation per acre.
Vegatation is necessary and desirable for the survival of fish, the removal of nutrients from the water
and to maintain the proper oxygen level.
But sometimes the growth is too fast, causing problems for all who use the water.
Too much growth is caused by organic pollution and fertilizer runoff from the land,
and it is ruining many of our lakes and rivers.
Chemical poisoning is costly, hard to control,and perhaps the greatest disadvantage;
it does not remove the organic matter from the water.
Plants poisoned with chemicals sink to the bottom and decay,
thus robbing the water of oxygen so important to fish life.
The decaying plants provide the nutrients for further weed growth.


Periodic harvesting of weeds at the desired depth is the most desirable and practical method of weed control,
and it is the most economical method for most water conditions.

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